How to Trade Ethereum Back to All-Time Highs

Cryptocurrencies are enjoying another strong day, up sharply on Monday. Ethereum is up 5% on the day and Bitcoin is just behind it.

The bulls have been doing well with this one. Ethereum is up in 10 of the past 13 days and has rallied more than 35% from last month’s low. 

While the cryptocurrency isn’t completely out of the woods quite yet, it’s looking pretty good.

Last week, Bitcoin popped back over $50,000 and brought with it a new wave of momentum.

Now hitting multi-month highs, Bitcoin could be on its way back to all-time highs. Should Bitcoin get a big enough boost to return to its highs, it’s more than possible for Ethereum to do the same thing.

Ethereum took a hit in late September on news that China would ban crypto trading, but largely, it’s held up pretty well.

Let’s look at the charts.

Trading Ethereum

Daily chart of Ethereum.

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