Kerala Blockchain Academy offers two free courses

Kerala Blockchain Academy, under the state-run Digital University Kerala, is offering two free fundamental programs in Blockchain technology. Registration is open for the November batch of Blockchain Foundation Program and Ethereum Fundamentals Program, which are online, free of cost and of one month duration. The online courses also involve two instructor interactions. Both courses are kept open for the public of any educational background including students, graduates and professionals. There is no distinction in the discipline of study, a statement said here.

Blockchain Foundation Program offers a deeper understanding of the blockchain fundamentals, key concepts, capabilities, limitations, also the future of blockchain technology. Participants are provided with a digital blockchain-powered certificate signed by KBA co-stamped by Kerala Development and Innovation Strategy Council, (K-DISC), it said.

The free fundamentals program in Ethereum Blockchain provides a step by step guide to building applications in the Ethereum Blockchain domain.

Those who pass with merit are offered a discount of 50 per cent on their advanced learning of the respective subject.

To avail the discount, they should apply within 15 days of receiving the certificate and the last date for application is October 30, the statement added.

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