Discussing Bitcoin FOMO: “Take The Time You Can”

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The tenth episode of “Bitcoin Bottom Line” consisted of a fireside chat between host C.J. WIlson and Bitcoiner and podcaster Dennis Porter.

The episode kicked off with Porter’s story of how he discovered mining, which led him to be so obsessed with mining bitcoin that his girlfriend had to pull him away and force him to take a break.

Wilson shares his perspective on the bitcoiner lifecycle.

“There’s a curiosity and accumulation phase, then you get to the finality of the heavy conviction, and then you reach a plateau and realize it’s hard to balance your life,” he said. “Then, you make the choice to stay in the shadows or come out as a bitcoiner and share your story and help others.”

Porter, who is now involved in politics, gained his appreciation for religious freedom from spending several years on the mission field with his parents when he was younger. He jumped into politics with a career perspective, where he was trained in campaign school. Porter worked on four primaries, finding that everything is so divisive, and that in his experience, internal party politics are almost more divisive than red vs. blue.

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