IoTeX Blockchain Will Keep 700,000 US Navy Sailors Safer in Real Time

The US Navy began exploring the use of blockchain back in 2018. The Navy wanted to find a way to efficiently track aviation parts throughout their life-cycle and securely use a blockchain network that met their highest national security standards.

Crypto news outlet CCN wrote in late 2018 that the US Navy’s Fleet Support Team believed that blockchain could help not only with supply chains and tracking parts but also with the Naval Air mission to increase flight safety at lower costs and greater security.

More recently, the Navy granted the Simba Chain a project to deploy secure messaging solutions and a transaction platform described as a “critical need” of the US Department of Defense.

The Navy is not the only branch of the US Armed Forces exploring blockchain technology. The US Air Force, for instance, has plans to employ Constellation’s Hypergraph Network to provide data security with the Department of Defense’s commercial partners on missions involving the operations of aircraft and ships under contract.

More recently, the US Navy decided it was time to update outdated and highly inefficient medical networks, logistics, and supply chains using blockchain technology.

The project’s objective is real-time monitoring and logistics for nearly 700,000 sailors and marines via a groundbreaking HealthNet platform that Consensus Networks is currently building using the highly secure, trusted, and scalable IoTeX blockchain IoT technology.

Meeting the highest US national security standards

The US Navy has, for obvious reasons, some of the highest national security standards in the world. So, when choosing the most secure and trusted blockchain, Consensus Networks —US Navy project contract recipient— determined that IoTeX fully met all the requirements. IoTeX has the secure tech and resolve to supply sailors and marines with the medical equipment they need, leading to more optimal performance levels when protecting their country.

“IoTeX’s blockchain technology and IoT network meets US Navy’s trust and national security requirements for the highly classified nature that is monitoring in real-time the health of its sailors and marines no matter where they are worldwide,” said Consensus Networks CEO and Founder Nathan Miller.

The Consensus Network competed against hundreds of other companies in a competitive process to get the US Navy HealthNet project, said Miller, a former US Navy officer.

The US Navy is pleased with the progress made

The US Navy granted Consensus Network the project in April 2021, and its development has rapidly progressed since then.

“It is nearly 50% complete, and in early2022, we’ll begin the pilot program. The US Navy Is very pleased with the progress made and will participate along with other partners who are interested in the blockchain-powered HealthNet.”

Miller pointed out that there are numerous pilot programs that Consensus Network and partners will test. That includes medical logistics, the demand for pharmaceuticals, blood products need prediction, supply of prostheses and medical equipment when and where required, supply chains, track and track trace and provenance.

“It is hard to believe that today automobile manufacturers, such as Ford, have a better network for ensuring the health of their vehicles in the shop or on the road than the medical sector has to monitor and safeguard the health of people,” he said.

But with the development of the groundbreaking HealthNet, Miller added, all that will change, and the medical industry as a whole will be poised to renew their systems with blockchain-powered solutions derived from the system the Consensus Networks is building leveraging IoTeX’s advanced technology.

Miller also said the project they aim to complete in the coming months would lead to other projects with high-level government agencies and corporations. IoT security layers and track and trace are in steep demand, and IoTeX can provide trusted actionable data via its blockchain technology.

Beyond the US Navy

Consensus is designing HealthNet not just for the US Navy but also for medical operators utilizing an integrated data environment and intuitive front-end capable of tracking medical supplies from manufacturer or supplier to patient, reducing delivery time and waste, saving lives in the process.

“HealthNet is a game-changer. Its use will go beyond the US Navy,” assured Miller. “It will also help save lives globally. For example, it will be great for elderly homes by helping them with better care without driving or being driven to a healthcare facility. The system will help track their health and predict their needs and get them sorted, so they do not have to visit clinics.”

The network will utilize Pebble Tracker to gather verifiable data from supply chain environments, secure this real-world data using blockchain. It will utilize this trusted data to automate supply chain processes, enable multi-stakeholder collaboration, and minimize workflow disruptions.

“The Pebble Tracker will help enhance healthcare, its efficiency with maximum security and privacy,” said Miller. “IoTeX is how we look to extend privacy, security, and monitor health. That is huge for the next generation technology not only in the medical sector but across all industries.”

The MachineFi revolution

On 17 November, IoTeX announced the start of a new era called MachineFi, the result of years of in-depth and ongoing research and development to connect the real world to the blockchain, the internet of trusted things (IoTT).

Pebble tracker and Ucam are IoTeX-designed and blockchain-powered intelligent gadgets that are prime examples of how smart devices connect to IoTT, enabling their users to own their data and the information their devices generate. Today, Big Tech, such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook controls billions of people’s data and intelligent machines and profit from them. IoTeX’s team of scientists and experts have been hard at work to ensure that the future IoT economy —McKinsey estimates will be worth up to $12.6 trillion by 2030— benefits the 99% and not only the 1% as usual.

With over 100 billion intelligent devices connected to online networks in the next ten years, IoTeX knows the machines are poised to be the future workforce. Using blockchain and Web3, IoTeX connects the physical world to the Metaverse, ensuring these billions of devices provide value to their owners and businesses, not centralized corporations.

A groundbreaking technology

Blockchain is poised to disrupt our daily lives in many ways. Vital networks, like healthcare, undergo cyber attacks every day. However, blockchain and distributed networks can be resilient in such attacks, ensuring crucial processes and information flows are unaffected.

Medical supplies aren’t like deliveries from Amazon. Patients, doctors, and hospitals depend on keeping a ready supply of medicines and specialized supplies to treat patients. Efficient, robust supply chains are what make this possible. What’s the best way to do this while giving all the stakeholders visibility into this supply chain? Enterprises and businesses are starting to look at blockchain as a viable solution. It is no longer about what’s possible in the future. It is a reality, and it is here.

Any enterprise or business can now build IoT devices connected to the blockchain at scale and at practically no cost. Healthcare is the start, but now the IoTeX blockchain has the power to disrupt every industry.

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