Why Aren’t More Women Into Bitcoin?


If you could inspire one group of people to embrace Bitcoin, which would it be? A whole country? Bond traders? Family office managers?

While any of these groups would have a major impact if, say, 5% of its population invested a portion of the assets under their control into bitcoin, there’s an even more important group to inspire: Women.

While a capitalist motivation seeks to engage women to lower the available bitcoin supply and raise the price over time, a more humanitarian motivation to engage women sees financial and technological (fintech) literacy, of which Bitcoin sits at the intersection, as a way to increase opportunities for women and their families, just as it does for anyone who adopts Bitcoin.

Whichever view you relate to most, an important question is, how much do you believe that Bitcoin is the future?

If you believe that bitcoin is just another financial asset with potential for asymmetric upside, it’s probably not important to you that women engage with it because you may end up with the financial gains you seek whether or not they adopt on a large scale.

However, if you believe that Bitcoin represents the future in the same inevitable way that the internet did in the 1990s, then you hopefully want women to get ahead of the adoption curve to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

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