Kryptomon launches the first-ever ‘Living NFT’ on the blockchain

  • Kryptomon team used December 2021 to launch both the public Version1.0 and the Full Treasure Hunt NFT game.
  • Kryptomon is unique because trainers of the Kryptomon Living NFT creatures can graduate to Kryptomon League Champion one day by taking good care of the Kryptomon creatures.
  • As they stroll around in the real world, players will find Treasure Hunt loot boxes containing loot, from Kryptomon Consumables to Live-NFT eggs and more.

December is usually a busy month when families and businesses plan holidays, retreats and assess how the year was spent. However, for the Kryptomon team, it was a month of non-stop hard work as they prepared to release the Kryptomon Game Version 1.0, as well as the much-awaited full moon Kryptomon Treasure Hunt NFT game. Their quest was fulfilled as the team released the Kryptomon game to a soft launch on December 13th, 2021.

What makes the Kryptomon Public Version 1.0 NFT game unique?

This Kryptomon NFT is the first of its kind, true living NFTs that are recorded on the blockchain in the crypto industry. Every player that was logged in is now qualified to be a trainer in the Play-To-Earn Living NFT game, and by continuously caring for their NFT creature, trainers are able to compete to one day become a Kryptomon League Champion. This phase where the trainer is required to take care of their NFT is called the  “Tamagotchi Phase.” The success of the trainer is dependent on their ability to understand the likes and dislikes, food requirements, and wellness of each Kryptomon creature so that they can battle in games and win. 

Each Kryptomon Full Moon Treasure Hunt loot box located during strolls contain treasure

The Kyptomon Company released its “Walk-To-Earn” mechanism and location-based game for its full moon Treasure Hunt launch event on December 19th, 2021. This is unique in the crypto space as users go out on a treasure hunt using their phones, connecting to their crypto wallets, to enter the metaverse and find the loot boxes in the metaverse atop of the physical world map.

Combining the metaverse and the real world, players identify boxes and mint NFTs directly into their wallets by opening the loot boxes – all whilst training their creatures and hunting for Kryptomons. Players are encouraged to visit the Kryptomon website and community channels regularly to keep updated on new treasure hunt events each full moon.

Things to know about Kryptomon

NFTs are unique digital assets that can be owned and sold, Kryptomon however takes this to a whole new level, creating a platform where players use their living NFTs in a metaverse game. Enabling its players to breed, feed, train and battle their Kryptomon creatures, Kryptomon is the NFT play-to-earn blockchain game where Pokémon meets Tamagotchi and CryptoKitties.

Each of the community members plays as ‘Trainers’ of their own individual monsters, in NFT form, that has a unique but mutable genetic code made up of 38 randomized parameters that determine all of the aspects like physical and behavioral characteristics. The living NFTs, like humans, can feel sick and hungry or if cared for can be happy, healthy, and loved. The health of Kryptomons is dependent on the care and attention are given to them by the trainer, as is their willingness to train and even serve as defenders to their trainers. 

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